Located in the strict center of Vrsac, Zona Optimizma has functional and modernly equipped (bathrooms with shower and hairdryers, LED TVs with cable line, large french beds or two comfortable standard beds, mini bars, and internet connections) rooms and appartments.

Uniquely designed SPA with relaxation zone that will free you from the daily stress and tension, and improve your health will be at your disposal.


Massage cannot cure all ills, but it can certainly improve the general condition of the body, relieve symptoms and speed up the recovery process. Massage is not only a great relaxation, but also a preventive method against the accumulation of stress and the way to relief emotional and physical tension. You can enjoy while having a break from medical or dental treatments.

Additional services are:

Salt room

This is a way to create conditions similar to those in the salt cave and effectively implemented salt therapy. The name comes from the Greek word halo – meaning “salt” , so it is easy to say that the halotheraphy is treatment with salt.

Finnish Sauna

The sauna relaxes the muscles. It also removes skin impurities and contributes to the regeneration of skin tissue, so Your skin will be shine and soft!

Zona sauna

Steam Bath

Using a steaming bath helps to open the pores, it improves blood flow and stimulates the release of toxins from the skin. In addition, other benefits include improvement of symptoms of certain respiratory infections and relieving the symptoms of asthma. We should not ignore the beneficial effects in wound healing and pain relief for those who suffer from arthritis or have pain caused by tensed muscles.

For those struggling with insomnia, Steam bath will be a relief to deep and restful sleep, because the effect is similar, but much more effective than a warm shower or bath before bed.

Hot Tub

Your body will get the full force of the water massage of feet, back, shoulders and neck, and setting the highest intensity of massagers, the effect will be similar to an in-depth massage and soothe sore muscles and bones. Hot water and bubbles will increase your body temperature, which will dilate blood vessels and improve circulation. You’ll be relaxed and shine with pleased smile.

Fitness zone

The modern air-conditioned Gym and Fitness hall of 130 and 80 m2 with the state-of-art equipment are right there for you if you are a fitness person. So while away from home, you will not skip your favourite training.

City Break and Executive Retreat Program

In a special place between the Carpathian Mountains and Vrsac plains, where the wild hills intersect with ravines and vineyards are hidden from the world’s view you will find Gudurica, by all means a very unusual village.

City break

In this small mountain village in the middle of the flat Banat plains above which rises the highest peak in Vojvodina, around 15 kilometers north-east of Vrsac for centuries live peacefully 14 different nationalities which have crossed their paths in the complex Balkan routes. And no one asks each other who they are or where they come from as they all focus on one goal – to make exceptional wine.

Zona Optimizma is proud to present you a special package offer “Creative retreat into inspiring environment” prepared for to provide a creative atmosphere in our hotel and winery by ensuring retreat from everyday work ambient and rhythm of regular obligations.


Bed and Breakfast Half Board Full board
Standard Double Room 45 EUR 51 EUR 57 EUR
Studio Apartment 87 EUR 99 EUR 111 EUR
Spa zone and Fitness zone
City Break / Executive Retreat Program

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