We are committed to providing the most patient-focused, safest and effective clinical care. Our colorectal surgeon in ProktoMed office is expert in the surgical and nonsurgical treatment of problems of the rectum and anus. In addition to full training in general surgery, our colorectal surgeon has completed advanced training in the treatment of colorectal problems, and plays an important role in the effective treatment of patients with colorectal diseases.

The dominant area of the office is proctology. Within the framework of proctology, ProktoMed office deals with the diagnosis and treatment of the ano-rectal diseases (diseases of the anal canal and rectum). These includes:

Hemorrhoidal disease:
• sclerotherapy from 95 EUR
• rubber band ligation from 105 EUR
• THD from 1680 EUR
• surgical management from 1200 EUR
Perianal fistulae:
• drainage or cuting setons from 360 EUR
• fistulotomy and fistulectomy from 840 EUR
Anal fissure:
• fissurectomy from 790 EUR
• lateral internal sphincterotomy from 910 EUR
Anal and perianal condyloma (genital warts):
• condyloma removal by radio wave knife from 120 EUR
• surgical management of giant condyloma (Buschke-Lowenstein tumour)
• surgery management
Pilonidal sinus:
• surgery management
Anal polyp and tumors:
• transanal polypectomy from 690 EUR
• Benign skin tumors from 120 EUR
• Inguinal hernia repair from 820 EUR
• Laparoscopic cholecystectomy from 1000 EUR

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