From the first contact with dentists at Best Clinics Abroad, our dentists are committed to your individual attention. They will provide you with personalized oral health care planned for your unique dental goals and needs. Because, your comfort and health are our top priorities!

We can do so much to improve the appearance of your smile — at any age. Whether you are looking for getting crowns, teeth whitening, or a complete restoration of your teeth, you can learn more about different options from our blog.

And for the beginning check the list of dental interventions we provide, with starting prices:

Cleaningsfrom 40 €
Fillingsfrom 40 €
Extractionsfrom 40 €
Complicated tooth extraction with suture72 €
Surgical extraction of wisdom tooth120 €
Surgical extraction with collagen application168 €
Root Canal Treatmentfrom 80 € per canal
Periapical filling36 €
Apicotomy120 €
Teeth Whiteningfrom 250 €
Laser tooth whitening360 €
Laser biostimulation96 €
Laser desensitization96 €
Removable Dentures
Partial metal dentures
Partial elastic (Valplast) dentures
Partial acrylic dentures
Total acrylic dentures

from 350 €
from 450 €
from 180 €
from 200 €
Crowns and Bridgework
Metal-ceramic crown
Ceramic crown
Circonium-ceramic high translucency crown
Ceramic inlay
Ceramic veneers
Composite veneers
Telescope crown with gold
Telescope crown with palador

from 120 €
from 200 €
from 280 €
276 €
252 €
156 €
84 € + price of gold per gram
84 € + price of palador per gram
Periodontal surgery
Flap surgery per tooth
Flap surgery with synthetic implants per tooth
Placing splint
Immobilization after periodontal surgery
Surgery of gum and wobbling tooth

48 €
96 €
30 €
42 €
48 €


You will send us OPT X-ray of your jaws, and our dentists will provide complete therapy plan within 48 hours, with the price of it.

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