• Milos Djuric, DMD
    Expert in Dentistry

    Dr Milos Djuric

    Dr Milos Djuric was born on March 21st, 1990 in Vrsac. After finishing elementary and high school, he enrolled the School of Dentistry in Pancevo, in 2009. He completed his master course and gained master degree in 2014.

    Dr Milos successfully attended numerous continual educative courses in the field of prosthodontics and aesthetic dentistry.

  • Ljubisa Grujic, MD, PhD, plastic surgeon
    Expert in minimally invasive and laser aesthetics, aesthetic surgery and plastic and reconstructive microsurgery

    MD. spec. surg. Ljubisa Grujic

    Dr Ljubiša Grujić was born in 1966. He graduated at University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Victor Babes” in Timisoara, Romania in 1994. He became PhD in Plastic surgery in 2009 and he worked as

    • Plastic surgeon in private clinic BROL Medical Center in Timisoara
    • Senior Physician at Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon at the County Hospital Timisoara, Casa Austria, Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Department
    • Visiting surgeon at Clinical Centre Serbia, Centre for Burns, Plastic and reconstructive surgery
    • Owner and Plastic surgeon at private clinic Dr Grujic Aesthetics, Vršac, Serbia
    • Plastic surgeon - Alorf Hospital, Jahra, Kuwait

    He has over 60 publications, and enrolled numerous international congresses and conferences in Plastic and reconstructive surgery, as active participant, instructor and lecturer. He is a member of international and European societies for Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery.

  • Ana Gadjic, DMD
    Expert in Dentistry

    Dr. Ana Gadjić was born on November 13, 1978 in Bor. Primary school and gymnasium ends in Bor. After that she enrolls studies of dentistry at the Faculty of Dentistry, University of Belgrade.

    In 2004 she was employed at the Health Center in Bor, where she worked until 2008.

    In August 2008 she opened a private practice in Bor, where she still works.

    In addition to dentistry, she is actively interested in aesthetic medicine.

    2014 successfully completes education Application of Hyaluronic Filters in aesthetic medicine. Additionally, in 2016 she is training the application of Mesotherapy in aesthetic medicine. She regularly follows and participates in continuous education for doctors of dentistry, as a member of the Serbian Chamber of Dentistry.

  • Milena Šćepanović, MD, MMSc, general surgeon
    Expert in Proctosurgery

    MD. MSc. Milena Šćepanović

    Dr Milena Scepanovic was born in 1967, and graduated at Medical faculty, University of Belgrade, in 1992. She specialized general surgery at Medical faculty, University of Belgrade in 2000, and specialized academic studies from Digestive system in 2010. Now she is finishing Doctoral studies from Reconstructive surgery.

    She has 26 years experiences from working in general surgery hospital at different elective and emergency abdominal operations but specialized for proctology (diagnoses and treatment of the diseases and disorders of anus, rectum and colon) outpatient and surgery treatment. For four years she was head of proctology department at Zvezdara University Clinical Centre in Belgrade.

    Dr Milena attended numerous continual educative courses in the field of proctology at several European countries and enrolled numerous international congresses. She is a member of the Governing Council of the Mediterranean Society of Coloproctology from 2010. She published several papers in different well known world medical journals.

    As national coordinator for colorectal cancer screening, she worked on EU project: Techical Assistance for the Implementation of the National Cancer Screening Programme in Serbia.

    She is a doctor of Serbian female waterpolo representation from 2014.

  • Svetlana Vesanovic, MD, MMSc, plastic surgeon
    Expert for Hair transplantation, minimally invasive aesthetics and aesthetic and plastic surgery

    Dr Svetlana Vesanovic

    Dr Vesanovic graduated from School of Medicine University of Belgrade, in 1994. She completed her specialization in plastic and reconstructive surgery at the Military Medical Academy with the highest grade in 1999.

    In 2002, she founded her private practice for plastic and reconstructive surgery, where she took plastic and reconstructive surgery and hair transplantation to the highest level with expertise.

    In 2008, she completed her master studies at the Clinic for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery of the Military Academy in Belgrade, with the thesis “The characteristics of the vagina reconstructed with McIndoe method within the Mayer Küster-Rockitansky Hauser syndrome“.

    She is a member of the National Expert Commission for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, international and domestic societies ISAPS, SRBPRAS, SRBSAPS and Serbian Medical Society. Her published works are highly ranked in international journals.

    Teaching career include period 2000-2018, at the High medical school „Nadežda Petrović“ for subject Esthetic surgery with care. Dr Vesanovic is court expert for plastic and reconstructive surgery.

  • Ljiljana Orlic, MD
    Expert in Bioresonant diagnostics, diabetes mellitus and overweight patients

    Dr Ljiljana Orlic graduated on Medical faculty in Nis in 1999. She had a 12 years long career in Health center Vrsac, where she worked 10 years as Advisor for diabetic patients.

    She finished education in Quantum medicine in Quanttes, center for alternative medicine. After that she opened her private practice in 2016 where she performs Bioresonant diagnostics on Dianel device.

    Additionally, dr Ljiljana still works with diabetic patients advises them on health nutrition and lifestyle. She also helps obese people lose weight and cure systematic diseases caused by obesity. Other groups of patients with health risk can also count on her advices which in practice showed as very efficient ones.

  • Aleksandar Milosevic, MD, PhD, urogenital surgeon
    Expert in functional and aesthetic urogenital surgery and gender reassignment surgery

    Aleksandar Milosevic, MD, PhD, urogenital surgeon

    Dr Aleksandar Milosevic was born in 1957. He graduated from School of Medicine University of Belgrade, in 1983. He became Specialist of Urology in 1990. In 2001 dr Aleksandar Milosevic gained PhD title in Medical sciences.

    He worked as professor of general surgery on Dental Faculty in Belgrade and also as a director of Clinical Hospital Centre Zvezdara. Today, he works as an aesthetic-functional urogenital surgeon in his private clinic. With a team of experts in psychiatry and endocrinology he is well known in Europe for his gender reassignment treatments, as well as for urogenital interventions.

    He has published over 100 scientific papers and researches in international medical magazines and congresses as an author and coauthor. He is a founder of European School of Andrological Surgery and member of prestige medical societies such as European Association of Urology, Deutsche Geselschaft fuer Urologie, European Society for Male Genital Surgery, Harry Benjamin International Gender Dysphoria Association and Societe Internationale D’Urologie.

  • Marjanovic dr Zoran, DMD, implantologist
    Expert in Dental Implantology

    Marjanovic dr Zoran

    Dr Zoran Marjanovic was born in 1967 in Novi Sad. He graduated from the Faculty of Medicine, Department of Dentistry, University of Novi Sad in 1993. He worked at the Public Health Center "Novi Sad" until 1999 when he opened his private dental office. Since 2001 he has been intensively involved in the development of digital radiology diagnostics. He has been educated in the field of dental implantology under supervision of one of the pioneers in this field, Dr Dusan Vasiljevic, at Dental Implantology course with an emphasis on European Curriculum knowledge, and has completed theoretical and practical training in the Lifecore Prima Implant system 2007; Course for Nobel BioCare 2008.

    Since 2009 he has participated in all Expert Symposiums organised by BDIZ EDI. He was a lecturer in the field of contemporary digital methods of extraoral radiography, implantology and prosthetic implants. He has published several papers in the field of clinical implantology in domestic peer-reviewed journals.

    He is engaged in introducing the legal guidelines in the process of establishing and operating the Serbian Dental Chamber to the expert public.

    In 2010 he was Vice-Chairman of the Executive Board of the Branch for the Vojvodina SKS and in 2013 Acting Director of SKS. He is an active member of the Association of Private Physicians and Dentists of Vojvodina, President of the Dental Section DLV-SLD for a third term, and Vice President of the Association of Serbian Dentists Implantologists - USSI EDI. He is a permanent member of the European Committee BDIZ EDI.

  • Jasna Josic-Mali, DMD
    CEO & Founder of Best Clinics Abroad

    Jasna was born in 1978, and graduated at Faculty of Dentistry, Belgrade University in 2004. She started her work in pharmaceutical industry in marketing, and improved her skills at Faculty of Organising Sciences in Belgrade as Specialist of Marketing management. She is also a Master of Economy and Management, Faculty of Economy, Belgrade and HEC Paris.

    So with all the things she learned, she decided to put them all together and make a team of exquisite doctors and offer their services via Best Clinics Abroad.

    She plays piano and a guitar, and her sports are fencing and SCUBA diving. And, she is the first person you will meet once you arrive to Serbia.

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