In 1952, French doctor Michel Pistor patented a new non-surgical technique, a mesotherapy. The word mesotherapy originates from two Greek words, meso meaning middle, and therapy. Mesotherapy is the application of medicines directly to the region that we want to treat. This technique is carried out by the injecting the medication directly into the mesoderm, into a layer of fat and connective tissue that lies underneath the skin.

Mesotherapy has been widely used in medicine today. It is applied to reduce fatty tissue but also to perform overall weight reduction, reduction of body weight of athletes, cellulite reduction, scar scans, wrinkle elimination, skin rejuvenation, correction of unevenness after liposuction, etc. In addition to these aesthetic problems, mesotherapy is used to treat various issues of the muscles and the treatment of other medical problems within different specialties. This method is also used for correction of the chin, wrinkles correction, correction of hyperpigmentation and skin rejuvenation. The French Medical Academy acknowledged mesotherapy as a specialty in 1987.

Plastic surgeons and dermatologists use mesotherapy for the treatment of many aesthetic problems by applying various preparations subcutaneously. Medicinal cocktails are individually prepared for each patient. Although there are ready-to-use cocktails on the market, doctors usually make cocktails, adapting them to each patient and their problems. For example, when the excess fat deposits are treated, the preparations are used to destroy the fat cell wall, and the remains are eliminated from the body by the way kidney and bowel system. Additionally, mesotherapy can break barriers and connections that form cellulite deposits. The amount of medicines applied is minimal, so the whole process takes place at the local level, i.e. in the region where it is specifically needed.

Previous findings have shown that there are no significant restrictions on the use of mesotherapy. The medication must be prepared exclusively by doctors. It can be applied to healthy adult patients, between 18 and 75 years of age. Certain conditions are contraindicated, or careful implementation of mesotherapy is suggested. These conditions include pregnancy, insulin-dependent diabetes, heart rhythm problems, and other severe heart conditions, stroke and the use of anti-aggregation drugs, existence malignant tumors, allergies to some of the preparations, etc. So far, the use of mesotherapy in the world has shown that some patients may report side effects, such as redness, swelling of the tissue, itching, bruising or discomfort. Forming of nodes rarely occurs, but they are usually disappearing over several weeks or months.

Mesotherapy is performed continuously, administered doses of the preparation are small in the single injection, and the overall dose after one treatment is limited. It is recommended that you use preparations with low concentrations of medicine, which are applied once a week, but that depends on the problem being treated. The necessary number of treatments varies from 10 to 15. After that, the obtained results can be maintained by using mesotherapy once in two or three weeks. Then a longer pause should be made.

Proper use of this method, in combination with other therapeutic procedures, such as liposuction, filer application, and chemical peel application, can give excellent results in correction of one person's look.

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