Today, in the era of new trends in technology, therapy and new material, there is a trend of using the least invasive methods in plastic surgery. If you wish to improve your appearance, the tendency is to use as simple as possible methods, without the use of general anaesthesia. A modern lifestyle does not allow us several days away from work. Luckily, there are some complicated surgical methods in aesthetic surgery that are performed in general anaesthesia, but today with modern technologies, they can, in some cases, be replaced by simpler procedures.

The natural ageing process brings various inevitable, but unwanted changes, such as wrinkles, relaxed skin, pigment changes on the face and body. However, the ageing process can be accelerated by various factors such as genetics, excessive exposure to sun rays or solariums, smoking, irregular diet, scars of acne and smallpox, stress, and many others.

One of the popular non-surgical methods today is the filling of wrinkles and lips. Dermal fillers can be used in moderately expressed lines. Remarkably expressed wrinkles must be removed by a surgical procedure which includes removal of the excess relaxed facial skin and raising the deeper structure of the skin. This is the famous face-lifting surgery. A combination of these procedures can also be applied.

Dermal fillers, the materials that are used for filling, are different regarding their structure and origin. They can be in the form of gel or implants, natural or artificial, absorptive or permanent.

Natural ones are made from our own fats, or human collagen or bovine one (less popular in last years). Previously used artificial fillers usually contain polyacrylamide, methacrylic or silicone oil. Nowadays, hyaluronic acid is one of the safest products that is used. Manufacturers have improved their characteristics and brought us a variety of products applicable for various purposes that improved the natural look and provided satisfaction to our patient.

Gel-based fillers are used for filling and shaping lips, and for filling wrinkles, as well as other irregularities most often on the face, but also on other parts of the body. Manufacturers recommend testing of the filler before administration, to avoid possible allergic and inflammatory reactions after injection.

The amount and location of the injection are determined according to the indications and by the wishes of the patients, as well as the capabilities of the surgeon. The intervention requires extraordinary care and precision work, because even the smallest error is easily detectable, especially on the face.

Unfortunately, we are witnessing over-filled lips at some persons, which is not aesthetically acceptable, but probably their desires were such, or they had a motivation to draw attention to themselves. Our patients often say that they do not want significant change in appearance, and ask if they must look over-filled like people with affection for a significant difference.

Of course, the answer is no. Adequate application of the dermal filler, especially in the lips area, implies different corrections depending on the present appearance. If the lips are correctly formed, but small, they can be evenly enlarged, so they look more beautiful, but not remarkably unnatural. If the upper lip is substantially thinner than the lower, it can only be enlarged to the extent that it looks lovely and natural. If the situation is the opposite, the inequality in size and the appearance will be reduced by increasing the lower lip. However, be sure that your wishes are realistic because most doctors will not work with patients with unrealistic expectations, and opposite to principles of good medical practice.

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