If you need teeth restoration, and you decided to make dental crowns, you will face a couple of opportunities considering different methods and materials. And you will wonder what the best choice is for you. We will introduce fundamental differences between metal ceramic and zirconia ceramic dental crowns to you.

The most common type of crown used in fixed prosthodontics therapy today is a metal ceramic crown. It fulfils both aesthetic and functional conditions and protects the tooth from caries. It is an excellent choice for the rear teeth as well as for the front.

However, in some cases, patients who have been using the metal-ceramic dental crown or a bridge complain that they see a dark edge at the contact of the metal with gum. This is an aesthetical problem, and we have solved it with all-ceram or other types of crowns which exclude metal base.

Zirconia ceramic crowns are the ones among other all-ceram crowns that have the most natural transparency and tooth colour. They are the number one solution for the front as it is all about aesthetics. Metal is replaced with zirconium, which makes the laboratory aspect a bit more complicated and they are consequently more expensive. But what about zirconium ceramic crowns on rear teeth? Are they resistant enough to manage the pressure on teeth during chewing?

Numerous research has been performed, which examined fracture resistance, chipping (cracks) and failures, the effect of artificial ageing and colour and aesthetics. The mechanical strength of zirconia frameworks has proven itself as the strongest among all other all-ceram materials. Additionally, regarding aesthetics, it is at the forefront of the all-ceram materials, so it is an excellent choice for your dental crown or bridge.

Still, be sure to consult your doctor and listen to his advice because each patient has a different situation, and your doctor will offer you the best solution for dental restoration.

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