We are Best Clinics Abroad, a group of dedicated experts devoted to high quality health care, dentistry and medicine. Our doctors and specialists in different fields of medicine will help you at the highest professional level, which you can achieve only in the most expensive clinics in Europe or America.

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The services you can get with us are dental services, hair replacement, minimally invasive esthetic surgery, proctosurgery and, as addition to listed activities, nuclear diagnostics.

Aside from medical services we will provide you with the best accommodation. We are located in Vrsac, Belgrade and Bor.


When you stay in Vrsac, you will have a royal accommodation in Zona Optimizma, in a room or apartment, depending which one you prefer. You can choose to have bed and breakfast, dinner or full board. The hotel is equipped with spa zone and fitness zone. We recommend you to take a vine tour in a nearby village. Vrsac is a town with a long history and you can visit the Vrsac Mountain with its fortress, Bishop's Palace Of The Banat Eparchy and Town museum or take a walk in the picturesque park.

Images: Courtesy of Vlada Marinkovic


If you prefer to stay in Belgrade, we will make the reservation for you wherever you wish to stay – hotel or apartment. The guide will be on your disposal, so you will get the best of your stay in Belgrade. You will see Kalemegdan with its famous fortress, Skadarlia – well known bohemian street with the best restaurants, Knez Mihajlova Street with shops and cafes all the way along this pedestrian zone.

Images: Courtesy of Vlada Marinkovic


Bor is town famous for one of the largest European copper mines. It is surrounded by many beautiful locations such as Banjsko Polje, Brestovacka Banja spa, Bor lake, and Stol mountain, and is very close to Mount Crni Vrh. You can also visit the Zoo while you are in Bor. For your convenience you can choose to stay in B&B, hotel, or apartment in Bor. The choice is up to you and we will make reservation and arrange your stay there for your convenience!

Images: Courtesy of Bora Stankovic and Touristic Center Bor Archives

Our full package includes even more: you don’t need to worry about how you will get to your accommodation and doctor, we will arrange the transport for you. It doesn’t matter if you choose to arrive by plane, train, bus, or in your own car! While you are here we will take you wherever you wish, and if you are looking for more privacy, you can stroll around our lovely towns by yourself, as you will be given the tour guide for that place. But in case of any emergency you will be able to call us via the mobile number that we will provide you with.

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