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    Best Clinics Abroad

    A group of dedicated experts devoted to high-quality dentistry, medicine and health care.

  • With Best Clinics Abroad you will get

    The Full Package Service!

    We will provide you with the best accommodation available, and take you on a sightseeing tour around the city where your intervention is.

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  • Best Clinics Abroad will provide you with following


    centrally located accommodation, transport from / to the airport, local guide, local mobile phone number, to stay in touch throughout your stay and our stuff available 24h.

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    Our doctors and specialists in different fields of medicine will help you at the highest professional level, which you can achieve only in the most expensive clinics in Europe or America.

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    We will provide you with best dental services, esthetic surgery, hair transplantation and proctosurgery without involvement of total anesthesia.

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    While you are here, you can check your complete health status by nuclear diagnostics, and consider need of visit a doctor once you return home.

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    While you are taking a break between your procedures you can use our associate doctors who will perform quantum diagnostic and check your complete health and give you pieces of advice about wellness and healthy lifestyle.

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    Our accommodation in picturesque town Vrsac includes functional and modernly equipped rooms and apartments which are comfortable and cozy, with addition of SPA and fitness zone. We will find the best places for your stay in Belgrade and Bor as well!

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    We will find the best transportation for the lowest price as we are located on the half way between Belgrade and Timisoara, which airports have a wide range of low cost flights! Or you can choose to come by train or by bus? We can arrange that as well!

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    BCA is all you need to feel good,
    get healthy, visit outstanding locations and taste delicious food! All in one!

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